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20 Best Free HTML Templates 2018

free html templates

These all Free HTML templates available for Free download are coming under a creative commons distribution license. It means you are free to use them for commercial and personal projects. You are also able to modify, remix and edit the templates to suit your project. These free HTML templates have something not just merely HTML5 new tags, it’s coded using …

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30 Best Free Business Website Templates 2018

Free Business Website Templates

A comprehensive list of Best Free Business Website Templates is here. This list contains various types of Free Business Website Templates which you can use to manage and escalate the growth of your business. Not only this, but these free website templates also come with amazing designs. With valuable features and …

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10 Best Free AngularJS Admin Templates 2018

Free AngularJS Admin Templates

Web technologies are a quickly developing field of various competitory standards that are continually improving themselves and expanding upon their abilities with a specific end goal to better serve their capacity and to dependably be expanding how much, how quick and how well they can get things done. AngularJS is the …

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25+ Best Free CSS Templates 2018

Css Templates

CSS Templates stands for Cascading Style Sheet Website Templates. CSS is an arrangement of guidelines that specifically influence the display properties of your website pages, for example, colors, fonts styles, and designs. CSS Website Template is a Website design created using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) technology. Cascading style sheets provide web …

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20+ Free jQuery DropDown Menu Navigations


A drop-down is a toggleable menu that allows the user to choose one value from a predefined list. Easy to use and the presentable drop-down menu will surely make a great impression to the users. While designing any website, we do require jQuery DropDown Menus for easy and smooth navigation. …

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